Cutting Technologies Joins The Cutlers!

We’re very pleased to announce director Jane Robinson has been accepted as a freeman of The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire!

The Cutlers’ Company was established by a parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624. For over 400 years it has sought to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield manufacturing.

Jane will be joining around 450 people as Freemen of the Company all of whom qualified to join by being a director or senior executive of a manufacturing organisation or work in the field of research of manufactured items.

Each year the Master Cutler is elected from the Freemen and has 2 Wardens, 6 Searchers and 24 Assistants.

The Company is supportive of education initiatives such as the University Technical College and the Advanced Manufacturing Institute Training Centre but also runs its own initiative – the Cutlers Company Made in Sheffield project. The project aims to give young people the skills they need to find employment after school, providing manufacturing businesses with a talented future workforce.

Freemen must work for an organisation with a relevant location within Sheffield City Region.

Annually, the Master Cutlers’ Challenge encourages creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills of various companies, schools and businesses to raise as much money as possible for charity from their starting funds.

We’re sure Jane will make a great addition to the Cutlers’ Company. She’s hoping to use her new role to help encourage more girls to consider careers in manufacturing (and she’s really looking forward to the white tie dinner!)