Have you ever thought about decorative panels? From brass to wood, you can choose from a wide range of materials to truly transform your interiors.

Whether you use our book of designs or your own creation, there really are no limits when it comes to laser cutting or engraving decorative panels.

We’ve worked across a range of projects which have seen us help designers, architects or businesses completely change the look of a space, from the University of Manchester to York Hospital.

The University of Manchester was looking for ways to inspire students using a new building it was planning to construct – it came up with the idea of a wall made from oak panels laser engraved with inspiration quotes from Manchester alumni, Nobel Prize winners and other key figures.

Something so simple created a stunning yet stimulating learning environment for students and added long lasting sentimental value to the new building.

We’ve also worked with designer who was commissioned to create a wall feature for York Hospital’s Breast Imaging Department in the Magnolia Centre, which is part of the Cancer Care Centre.

The design comprised of laser cut magnolia flower heads in mild steel were then powder coated to give them their cream colour, which gives the panels a lace-like quality against the vibrant red of the hospital walls.

We love nothing more than bringing designs to life so, whatever stage of design you’re at, get in touch today and let’s transform your interiors!