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Laser Cutting for Architecture & Interiors

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Laser Cutting applications for Architecture & Interior

Laser cutting can be used for many aesthetic and engineering applications throughout the Architecture & Interior design industries.

Decorative Cladding

We can laser cut (and laser engrave) panels for both internal and external cladding applications in sizes up to 3000mm x 2000mm. Materials range from acrylic through anodised aluminium (shown in the image) to heavy gauge mild and stainless steel. We've done panels for projects ranging from external building decoration to internal panels for sunlight diffusion. Our work is seen all over the world, from New York to Israel

Interior / Exterior Panels

Our laser cutting service can provide decorative or structural panels for both internal and external applications. It's best if you involve us at the early design stage so that material types / thickness and finish can be tailored to the end application. We understand these projects take time so we really don't mind acting as initial consulatants and then seeing the contract through to completion. We're very good at working within budgets - your client might want solid gold panels but can only afford powder coated MDF - we'll let you know straight away so you can manage their expectations!

Balconies & Balustrades

We can laser cut panels and bracketry for balconies, balustrades, mezzanines and room fixtures. From polished stainless steel to hardwood our service covers most of the materials used today. The accuracy is very high ensuring fitting is straightforward and we even package by sub-project so the right parts are in the right boxes.

Brackets & Bits

We laser cut thousands of brackets and plates for architectural applications. Everything from polished glass-holder brackets to fixing plates for pre-fabricated buildings. We can even engrave the part number on each part to make fixing effortless. We understand fast delivery is essential for this type of work so when we say we'll deliver on a certain date we do it

Showcase for Architecture & Interiors

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Decorative Screen / Panels

Interior and Exterior Decorative Screens

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Laser Cutting Technical Information

Our range of machine offer the very highest standards of laser cutting, below shows the accuracy, depth and capacity we can achieve.

Maximum Part Size

3000 x 2000mm

Maximum Part Weight


Smallest laser diameter


Thinnest We Can Cut


Monthly Machine Capacity

4000 hours

Average lead time

2.5 days

Did you know we can also do laser engraving?

Yes thats right, not only are we experts in laser cutting but we can do laser engraving too and we specialise in combining these techniques for ultimate efficiency and new creativity,

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We use the very latest laser cutting and laser engraving machines

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