One of the first materials to be laser cut, acrylic has grown in popularity over the years due to its versatility but according to The Times, this year we’ll be seeing acrylic used more for furniture.

Our lasers have seen plenty of acrylic over the years, and we’ve even created some exquisite pieces of furniture.

Take for example the Phaeton Chair – a unique piece we helped a designer create back in 2013.

The chair was designed for Enlightened – an exhibition exploring lasers in design. The entire chair is made of clear, 12mm Perspex® and is made up of 77 individual interlocking pieces.

The product received plaudits from Perspex® and Design Week and was even shortlisted for a coveted Northern Design Award.

Acrylic is unique in that it’s the only material which completely vapourises when cut, no melting or dripping – it just disappears, making it perfect for laser cutting! It’s also available in a wide range of colours meaning it can fit in to almost any design plan.

If you’re thinking about incorporating acrylic in to your furniture this year, get in touch to see how laser cutting and engraving can bring your concept to life, whatever stage you’re at.