Laser cutting brass and is a lot easier now we have the latest Fiber Laser Cutting Technology - the thermal conductivity sucks the heat out of the laser beam meaning we have to use very high power. This limits us to cutting 8mm in brass.

Suitable for Laser Cutting

Suitable for Laser Engraving

Max Sheet Size


Stock Grade


Purchased Grades

Grades on Request

Max Thickness


Cutting Tolerance

Less Than 3mm - +/-0.2mm
3-8mm - +/-0.25mm

Min. Detail

Detail should not be less than the material thickness e.g. minimum 3mm diameter hole in 3mm thick material

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Our company is big enough to handle any contract, no matter the size or scope. We have a team of highly skilled professionals with a wide range of expertise, as well as the resources and infrastructure necessary to take on even the most complex projects. Our track record speaks for itself, with a long list of satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their most important work.


storage for a wide range of materials


lead times on all materials

24 / 7

cutting and engraving operation

£2 Million

invested in laser-cutting machinery

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