We laser cut MDF, ply and natural wood by the lorry load; we have specially designed lasers just for this purpose – ensuring the cut quality is excellent and the material is processed safely.

Our lasers are always busy laser cutting or engraving these sorts of materials as they’re so versatile – they can be used in almost any design and hardly ever go out of fashion in interior design.

We’ve worked on everything ranging from stencils to intricate decorative panels.

Take a look at this large area engraving project we did for The University of Manchester - designed to Inspire students and lecturers to great things.

Manchester University was looking for ways to inspire students it came up with the idea of a wall made from oak panels engraved with inspirational quotes from Manchester alumni, Nobel Prize winners and other key figures.

Project architects, Sheppard Robson researched laser companies across the world before discovering we had the skills they needed.

Has the typical black sooty edge of laser cut plywood put you off in the past?

We’ve invested in an advanced extraction system which takes residue from both the top and bottom of the wood whilst the laser is cutting so we can mostly cut MDF and plywood with a golden, dark edge with little or no black sooty residue on the edge.

Working on a project that involves wood and interested in how we might be able to help? Speak to our laser experts.