We worked alongside ARC Creative Design to make five sculptures as part of a project to remodel an old site in Peacehaven in East Sussex.

The Big Parks Project, by Lewes District Council, aims to create new outdoor recreation and leisure facilities on land which is part of the largest area of archaeological investigation in the South of England.

Arc Creative were asked to produce artworks that would be durable and eye-catching and would interpret five themes. It was clear to Arc that fret cut stainless steel would be ideal.

The company came to us as they struggled to find another company that could handle the level of detailed required, whilst still being able to cut out reasonably thick stainless steel.

Many companies said they couldn’t do it, some said they could but only on thinner gauge stainless steel and others wanted the design simplified to suit their machine. However, thanks to our continued investment in the latest technology it was no problem for us.

We don’t believe artists should compromise on their designs so we were pleased to be able to laser cut exactly to their specifications with this project.