We’ve always maintained that the best way to engage the next generation of engineers is by making learning fun and by challenging stereotypes and our latest project does just that.

We’ve been working with Derby-based orchestra, Sinfonia Viva to laser cut a series of multi-coloured gears and levers in 5mm acrylic and 6mm birch plywood which will be used as part of a STEM kit.

Sinfonia Viva has teamed up with Rolls-Royce to run a range of projects with primary schools in Derbyshire, which make STEM subjects much more exciting to learn.

The STEM kit comes with songs and activities teachers can use to make lessons more engaging and is part of the orchestra’s ‘Mechanical Advantage’ project, which saw over 100 young people perform alongside the orchestra at Derby Theatre.

We laser cut the pieces in a variety of brightly coloured acrylic and plywood.

This project is a perfect showcase for our lasers as the job would’ve been impossible to do by hand or at least very time consuming.

With our investment in the latest technology and a 3m x 2m bed 400w laser, this large order was completed in 12 hours.

Our lasers run 24/7 so we can turnaround large scale jobs quickly to meet even the tightest of deadlines.