Creative, sculptural work always gets us fired up and we’re glad we were able to play a part in commemorating Wrexham’s history with this particular project.

Teaming up with our friends Heat and Beat, we laser cut dozens of pieces of 10mm mild steel which interlock to form a sculpture of a dog.

The project is a nod to one of Wrexham’s most famous landmarks, Acton Park, where two wooden greyhounds were carved and placed on top of a gateway to Acton Hall in the 1800s.

The original dogs were taken down in 1966 and the surviving dog, which is on display at Wrexham Museum, was 3D scanned –  Heat and Beat used the CAD model to produce a plywood prototype for approval, prior to getting the 10mm  steel cut by us!

After being assembled and welded, the sculpture was galvanised for corrosion resistance and layers of copper based paint were applied. The paint was treated with a mild acid to give the sculpture an incredibly realistic copper Verdigris finish.

The sculpture is truly eye-catching and is a fantastic piece of history for the local community.