For the past few years we’ve loved pushing the boundaries at Cut Tec. We’ve trialled new materials, new techniques and nothing has held us back.

That’s why when we were asked to laser engrave the trophies for the first ever World Cup of Wingsuit Performance Flying we (base) jumped at the chance!

The competitors in this daredevil sport aren’t just pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – they’re ripping them up.

We love this fearless adrenaline fuelled approach. The winner Espen Fadnes says “For me, the perfect flight is the emotion of mastering something.”

Here at Cut Tec we know how he feels about conquering the seemingly impossible. There have been many occasions when our highly skilled team has been tasked with challenging briefs, often with little turnaround time.

But despite the odds, we’ve created stunning products and proved that anything is possible with imagination.

We might not be soaring beneath the arms of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janiero or hurtling down rocky ravines in the Alps but we do share the same ethos.

Fadnes said recently: “I don’t think I am near the limit of what I think I can do yet.” We echo that 100%.


Watch Espen's death-defying flight in Rio