Laser cutting is perfect for intricate pieces. Not only is it capable of cutting a large quantity of identical items quickly, its precision allows for a perfect cut.

A couple of years ago we were commissioned to laser cut tens of thousands of festive ‘pet’ decorations.

The order came from the unlikeliest of places – the tiny Scottish isle of Lismore which has a population of just 146.

Simon and Nicky Lewis run Seahorse, an online gifts business from the beautiful Western isle, which sells through Not on the High Street.

The couple paint, finish and personalise gifts but their raw materials are laser cut by us.

As well as prancing reindeers and polar bears, we also cut wooden Labrador, Poodle and Retriever decorations.

It’s great to have the opportunity to work on fun Christmas-themed projects like these. Even if it means we’re single Jingle Bells all year round!

Feeling festive? Speak to our team on how laser cutting and engraving can help your product or design.