2013 celebrates 100 years since the discovery of stainless steel in Sheffield by Harry Brearley - a discovery that revolutionized the modern world and shaped the city we know today.

This year the steel city will celebrate Brearley's achievements with a series of exhibitions and activities taking place at venues across Sheffield commemorating 100 Years of Stainless Steel. This annual programme includes two exciting new exhibitions at Kelham Island Museum - Rustless: The Harry Brearley Story and Stay Bright - Keep Bright: The Impact of Stainless on Everyday Life.

In recognition of this extraordinary Sheffielder and in celebration of what would be his 142nd birthday on 18 February of this centenary year, Kelham Island Museum is set to rename one of its rooms in his honour. Part of Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust, the museum not only pays tribute to the city's past achievements, it is also a showcase for Sheffield industry and innovation and an inspiration for future generations to continue the tradition of scientific and technological progress. The Brearley Room will take its place within the museum and will host events and exhibitions, including Rustless, as well as conferencing and learning activities.

Brearley's story is not only one of discovery but of a journey of a Sheffield ‘lad' from Burngreave, to becoming one of the most influential figures of the city's industrial heritage. Brearley was born on the 18th February 1871 on Spital Street, near the Wicker. At this time the area stood in one of the most industrialised areas of Sheffield. The sights and sounds of the area's steelmaking and the Little Mesters Workshops intrigued the young Harry and set in motion an interest in steel which would eventually lead him to make his significant discovery in 1913.

Here at Cutting Technologies we love stainless steel - it cuts beautifully and the engraving we can do is fabulous - thanks Harry!


Details courtesy of Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust - http://www.simt.co.uk/