We’re pretty upfront with our clients. We know we’re not the cheapest in the market – and we don’t pretend to be. But we do offer excellent value...

That might sound illogical. Surely paying less for something means you’re getting a better deal, and laser cutting is pretty much the same whoever’s doing it, right? Wrong.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ applies as much to laser cutting and engraving as it does to going for dinner or investing in a new car. So what are you getting when you decide to invest in our services over our competitors?

1)      Expertise – Our handpicked team has tons of experience and knowhow, which means they can guide you and make sure you’re using exactly the right materials for the job and get a first rate result. We’ve lost count of the times a customer has had their laser cutting done somewhere cheaper only to have to come back to us because the result wasn’t exactly what they had in mind. You might get lucky and get it right. But if you end up paying twice, who was cheaper?


2)      Reliability – Our machines work round the clock so our customers’ orders are always finished on time. Paying less might save you a few quid now but if you’re still waiting for your order three days later than you expected, you could end up with a delay in the whole project. And we all know delays aren’t cheap.


3)      Newest Technology – We’ve recently invested £1.25m in the very best technology our industry has to offer. Our Fiber lasers work more efficiently and more accurately on tricky materials like copper and brass. When you choose us, you can guarantee that you’re getting the very best our industry has to offer.


4)      Creative Thinking – Sometimes the solution you need for your project isn’t all that obvious. Our creative approach supported with technical skill means we can help you achieve your objectives with options you perhaps haven’t even thought of. Choose specialists like us and you get expert consultancy thrown in alongside the time on the machine you’ve paid for.