A good laser company will have a variety of software at its disposal so it can convert your brief (in whatever format you choose) into something the lasers will understand when it comes to programming an actual job.

For those projects when you know you want laser cutting or engraving but haven’t quite got down to the nuts and bolts of a design, we can give you an idea of what’s involved sparing you the time- consuming design work.

When you’re getting quotes consider the following:

  • Your application – give a detailed idea of what you’re making. Be as precise as you can from the off-set.
  • Materials – think about the type of material you’ll need; when it comes to what can be used on lasers there really is no restriction.
  • Quantity – costs can vary depending on the volume of an order, and you may be able to benefit from economies of scale so be specific on what you require.
  • Finishing - are there any specific types of finishes you want to achieve? This could affect the type of material you use. If you’re after a rustic look, corten is the best, if you’re looking for protection against germs, copper with an antimicrobial effect is what you need.
  • Deadline – If you’re working on a short deadline, it’s likely you’ll pay a premium. Book the job in as early a possible.