Laser cut panels for balustrading is perfect for livening up any space – it can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. However, it needn’t be limited to the indoors.

Our latest project saw us laser cut a series of decorative panels which Flintshire County Council is using to cover the space between handrails and the floor, with the aim of protecting the bird sanctuary they surround.

The panels combine the local history and images include themes of recreation, maritime, birds, and industry.

We were commissioned by Heat and Beat to intricately laser cut the images in 316 stainless steel, which was chosen due to the materials corrosion resistant capabilities – meaning the balustrades will last for years to come!

We’ve worked with Heat and Beat a lot over the years and so they knew we were able to cut with the precision they required for this project.


Image courtesy of John Wynne-Eyton, CAD designer and sledge hammer operative at Heat and Beat.