Now the weather is picking up, we’ll be spending a lot more time in the garden. Laser cutting is perfect for creating intricate pieces of décor which can really brighten an outdoor space.

Over the years, we’ve worked on some great projects. From big and small to practical and aesthetic – here’s a run down of a few of our favourite projects to get you inspired!

We worked with a leading designer to create The Lazarus Chair - the centrepiece of an exhibition which showcases the capabilities of lasers. The chair is a rocking outdoor chair made from Corten which looks like raw steel but when it’s exposed to the weather forms a natural rust-like appearance.

Back in 2012, we were proud to be involved in Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations by making components for the Jubilee Beacons which lit up church towers across the country. The beacons were designed and supplied by Bullfinch and with our help the metal structure for the diamond shaped liquid paraffin gas burners was created. We know this was a large scale project for the Queen, but these beacons would be a super stylish way to add lighting to your garden project.

We speak a lot about decorative panels, but they’re such a simple way to add style and decoration to your outdoor space. This one we laser cut for Paul Robinson (pictured) was made from Corten; the intricate designs look like wallpaper has been ripped, with the laser engraving showing through. The use of Corten is perfect for outdoor décor, as its rusting is part of the allure.

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