The most obvious choice for engraving tends to be wood, ply, steel and copper.

However, the effects of laser engraved marble, granite and stone are truly incredible.

Using our CO2 lasers we can create fantastic engraved products on unusual materials such as rocks and stones. Their surfaces are often smooth, polished and flat which makes them ideal for engraving - whether it’s for floors, stairs, kitchens or sinks – the possibilities are endless.

Our lasers ensure offer high precision ensuring incredibly sharp images and fine markings. Why consider engraving over other forms of marking stone such as chiselling or routing.

* Laser engraving is contactless. This means that there’s no need to grip the material, so limits the possibility of any damage – keep your product neat and tidy.

* Longevity. Laser engraving stone is weather-proof, permanent and won’t fade over time – perfect for a long-term design!

* High quality. As it’s a contactless process, there’s no tool wear on our machines so you can receive a high quality and precise design throughout.

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