Manufacturing - Not Just Jobs for the Boys

Last month I attended the launch of a great new report from EEF which showed all FTSE 100 manufacturing companies now have a woman on the board. With more female role models at the top this could be the start of an important shift we need to encourage more young girls to consider STEM subjects at college and follow this as a career path.

While it’s great news, the shift isn’t complete yet and much more needs to be done to boost the numbers of women in manufacturing and engineering roles, at all levels.

The report suggested that nurturing young talent and shedding the industry of its “dirty and unglamorous” image is the best way to transform the gender balance throughout the industry.

I fully agree. It isn’t all oil, grease and graft. It’s also about problem solving and creativity. There are also great opportunities to travel and see the world. As a woman in manufacturing, I can honestly say I love my job and I’m sure lots of women would feel the same if they gave the industry a chance.

Within Cutting Technologies I act as a conduit between the designers and artists and the technical laser programmers and operators. Yes, it’s technical but it’s also very much about coming up with ideas and solutions. Effectively, I help creatives turn their ideas into reality by understanding both sides of the process.

I’m passionate about helping more girls and women to understand the benefits of a career in manufacturing and engineering. We need nothing less than a sea-change and all of us in the sector need to be championing British manufacturing and role of women in our industry.