When it comes to panels for balustrades and balconies, there’s no limit to the types of material you can use. Whether you’re after something stylish or practical – or maybe a bit of both – if it can be laser cut, you can use it in your designs.

These are projects we love to work on, the intricate designs really showcase the capabilities of our lasers. There are, of course, certain materials which are a natural fit.

Mild steel

The most common materials we cut for panels in stairwells, handrails and balconies where detailed design can be achieved. A truly versatile and cost effective material, it can be folded, rolled and welded. Mild steel will rust no matter what the situation so powder coating is the most popular choice to give a beautiful colour finish.

Stainless steel

The cut quality is excellent. Its decorative finishes combined with its corrosion resistance make it such a popular option, particularly for exterior balconies. Stainless steel comes in several grades and it’s important to select a grade suitable for outdoors with superior corrosion resistance, 316L often proves a popular choice.


Laser cutting aluminium has traditionally been difficult due to the reflections and the thermal transfer characteristics. We’ve invested in the latest tech to ensure even 10mm thick is cut cleanly and economically. It’s a lightweight material and can be powder coated just like mild steel or anodised.


Corten looks like mild steel but when it’s exposed to the weather, it develops a natural rust-like appearance so there’s no need for paint. For use indoors, Corten can be artificially rusted to give interiors modern looks. This self-protecting ‘rust’ resists corrosion and ensures the structure keeps its strength, so is ideal if you’re after a long-lasting, unique product.