For our latest project, we teamed up with the very talented Clementine Blakemore and put our engineering know-how to good use by helping to create a stunning pavilion at the newly relocated Design Museum, London.

The pavilion has been designed and assembled by Clementine in partnership with the Royal College of Art who, as part of a co-construction, developed the pavilion in response to this year’s theme – Open.

Using 6mm aluminium, we laser cut bespoke connection pieces which secure the ‘double curve’ hyperbolic paraboloid beech roof.

When joined together, the shape resembles that of a tent in the park – a nod to the roof inside the museum, originally designed by architects RMJM in 1962.

The pavilion is now on display and forms part of the inaugural programme at the Design Museum’s new home on Kensington High Street.

The project perfectly combined creativity, artistic knowledge and pure engineering skill – something we aim to bring together at Cut Tec – so we were only too happy to play our part!