There really are no limits when it comes to our lasers – from the materials we can cut, to the finishes applied.

One of the lesser known capabilities of our lasers is that we can offer an alternative to fabrication. This works particularly well for intricate laser cut pieces which could be used for furniture design.

There’s a way to fold or bend parts without any fabrication – it’s called soft bend. A series of special slots are cut along the fold line which allows for the material to be hand folded. It’s not dissimilar to the process of scoring card before folding it.

When it comes to prototyping, using soft bends as a trial before using fabrication methods such as pressbrake folding or welding can be a cost-effective option, saving you money.

An example is shown in 5mm stainless steel – the special slots allow exact folding just where you need it.

Another alternative is by slotting pieces together – turning 2D designs into 3D.

No folds or weld, just a series of very accurate slots – we can achieve a tight fit by adjusting the laser beam.

Both the Perspex Chair and the Latarus Chair we created for designer, The pieces intricately inter-lock and means there’s no need for secondary operations.

So, when thinking about your design, consider the alternatives to secondary fabrication – these operations can get expensive and, until you have the design concept approved, can be prohibitive. Speak to our team today about how our lasers can help you with your prototypes.