Material and time on our lasers are the two most important elements that influence the overall production cost.
Which is why we take pride in nesting your designs for optimum output.

One of the main uses of dynamic nesting is to improve material usage and reduce waste – no one likes to think they’re paying for material they’re not using.

We have access to fantastic software which means we can get the best material use.

Having some waste material is common but by using our software we can make the most of the space available.

We have the up to date laser technology with high volume cutting capacity large cutting beds, meaning sheet sizes up to 3000mm x 2000mm can be processed. The advantage of this is that the nesting software has a bigger choice of area to get the most efficient parts pattern.

Waste material becomes more of a problem if you’re having a volume order but by using systems such as parts within parts we’re able to cut wastage down.

Cutting parts within parts means we’re essentially using pieces which would otherwise have been scrap. Not only does this make the best use of the material but it can significantly cut production time as it could turn two jobs in to one.

Another way our software makes use of available material is by pairing part edges which are identical together meaning these can be cut simultaneously to save space.

Having the latest CAD/CAM software enables us to programme and cut your parts accurately and cost effectively. All we need from you is a single drawing of each part and a list of how many of each part you need for the production batch.

Our laser experts (with a little help from technology) can look after the rest.