Thanks to a Regional Growth Fund (RGF) grant bid of £135,000, we’re investing again!

You may have seen some of our recent projects with Conran Shops and West Park Hotel, we’re constantly attracting high profile work like those from a range of sectors and simply have more work than we have capacity to do at the moment.

We’re keen to continue growing and we’re always looking for options to do so, this funding will allow us to purchase an extra laser and nitrogen generator which will have an enormous impact on the company.

Whist the new 400w Eurolaser will increase production, the new nitrogen generator generates twice the amount of nitrogen using the same amount of electricity, making us a greener company.

The latest investment of £450,000 takes our total investment in the past year to £1.25m.

The investments will create 10 jobs by next spring and will open up new opportunities in the re-emerging construction sectors – so keep your eyes peeled for fantastic opportunities to join our team!