Laser cutting gives architects and designers’ creative ideas a whole new dimension – allowing them to create stunning decorative panels for balconies and balustrading. It’s our philosophy that, if you can draw it, the lasers can cut it.

Creating panels for balconies and balustrading is an area where a whole host of materials can be used, from stainless steel to Corten and bronze to aluminium.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the panels have to be practical and adhere to building regulations.

By processing CAD drawings through our latest CAM package, stairs and tread specs can be very accurately produced.

Laser cutting can be used for stair treads too. Anti-slip durbar tread plates can be cut all the way up to 20mm thickness to suit any profile required. Laser cutting is also a popular process to make open decorative patterns in stair treads and is far more cost effective than traditional cast iron techniques for bespoke creations.

It’s not just about cutting – you can use our engraving service to etch alpha numerical identifications on each panel. This allows for an easy reference to where each panel should be fitted on site – enabling faster construction on larger projects.

CE markings can also be laser engraved in compliance with BSEN1090 for all structural work. Structural fitting lists can also be easily produced directly from StruCAD NC files and the Bill of Materials list.

Laser cutting produces a high-quality edge far superior to the old traditional flame and plasma cut methods. That’s why we’ve invested more than £2m to keep on top of the latest laser technology and can now offer advanced cutting feed rates - enabling us to reduce lead times to as short as two to three days.

Speak to our team of experts today on why laser cutting panels for balustrades is the best option.