Two years after Cutting Technologies played a crucial part in the closing ceremony of the London Paralympic Games, they have made their mark again – this time on Sochi’s Winter Games.

On 1 March, Stoke Mandeville's historic role as the birthplace of the Paralympic Movement was marked in the Flame Lighting Ceremony, complete with a touch of Barnsley.

Cutting Technologies was chosen to engrave 55 brass arcs that were welded into an armillary sphere for the Stoke Mandeville ceremony. The arcs were black laser engraved with a logo and the names of cities which have hosted the Paralympic Games together with the year the Games were held.

Weld Fab Engineering Services put the structure together, which was used during the Paralympic flame ignition ceremony.

The Flame was lit by an iconic "Armillary Sphere" - a model of stars and planets in the sky more than six metres tall and six metres in diameter – and the spark of the Flame was breathtakingly generated from the chair of London 2012 Paralympic gold medallist Hannah Cockcroft.

The spectacular model was designed by internationally acclaimed theatre designer Jon Bausor. It will be used for future Heritage Flame events. 

Jane Robinson, Director at Cutting Technologies, said: “It was a real honour to be asked to play a part in this year’s Winter Paralympics, particularly after being involved in the summer Games in 2012.

“As well as celebrating this year’s athletes, it’s a project which will have longevity - the Armillary Sphere has a life span of 10 years so Barnsley will have its little stamp on Heritage Flame events for years to come.”

The Heritage Flame toured several landmarks in Buckinghamshire and London before heading to Sochi to merge with all other flames in a special ceremony on 5 March.

The joining of the flames created the official Paralympic Flame of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, which will be used in a final relay before the Opening Ceremony on 7 March.