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Laser Cutting

Our Laser Cutting service is renowned for speed of service and reliability. We have 5 Laser Cutting machines, working 24 hours a day. That's why our customers keep coming back to us. We are really proud of our EXCELLENT 4.83 STARS on REVIEWS.CO.UK. Click on the material sections below for more information.

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Which materials can we laser cut?

Laser cutting is excellent at processing many different materials. We’ve listed some of the more common materias below but if you have a specific requirement just ask

Mild Steel

Laser Cut mild steel is the staple for us - we cut more of this than any other material. We ...

Stainless Steel

Laser cut stainless steel is our second most popular material. We supply anything from decor...

Aluminium / Alloy

Laser cutting Aluminium has traditionally been difficult due to the reflections and the ther...


Laser cutting brass and is a lot easier now we have the latest Fiber Laser Cutting Technolog...

Wood / MDF / Ply

We laser cut MDF, Ply and natural woods by the lorry load. We have specially designed lasers...


Plastics, particularly Acrylic, cut really well with a laser. However there are some plastic...

Did you know we can also do laser engraving?

Yes thats right, not only are we experts in laser cutting but we can do laser engraving too and we specialise in combining these techniques for ultimate efficiency and new creativity,

Which industries use laser cutting?

Laser cutting is such a flexible manufacturing process it's difficult to give a comprehensive list, but here’s just a few


Laser cutting service for fabricators and engineers

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OEM & Industrial

We make it feel like you have your own lasers

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Architecture & Interiors

Try our service and turn your concept into product

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Interior / Exterior Panels in metal, wood, plastic

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Art & Sculpture

Let us work with you on the next masterpiece...

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We laser cut stencils for everything from clean graffiti to wall art

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Signs & Display

When it comes to signs we have it all covered

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Brand & Marketing

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We'd be surprised if we haven't seen it before...

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What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a technology used in industry since the 1970’s and uses a laser to cut materials.

How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting works by melting, burning or vapourising the material, while an assist gas is employed to "clear" the cut zone of the molten / burnt material or the gas vapour. In the early days of laser cutting the setting of the laser to produce the desired effect was very much a manual process and very complex. The latest machines now come with many of the common parameters pre-programmed, allowing much easier setting. However operators still require many hours of training to run a laser safely, efficiently and economically.

Laser cutting is a technology that has been used in industry since the 1970’s. The first common application was for sign-making, mainly cutting acrylic. Since then the process has been adopted and adapted by virtually every industry group, and is now a significant process in every manufacturing economy. Laser cutting is excellent at processing many different materials. Unlike physical machining laser profiling is not affected by the hardness of a material, meaning materials such as high carbon steels can be cut as easily as standard mild steel.

The cutting process is very complex, but basically involves pre-piercing the material outside the area of desired cut, moving the laser beam into the cutting area to apply heat, and finally use an assist gas to remove the heated material and produce the cut. The type of assist gas employed is critical, and is dependent on the material to be laser cut; most commonly used are Oxygen (used predominantly for carbon steels), Nitrogen (used for non-ferrous steels & non-metals) and Argon (used for more exotic materials such as titanium).

Laser cutting showcase...

Take a look at some of the work we have done from some truly inspiring designers

If you can design it, we’ll produce it

We never get bored of seeing some of the amazing designs and ideas that get sent to us. Our showcase gives you some idea of the range of projects we work on. Please contact us with your ideas - we love a challenge!

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