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Other Steel

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Other Steel

All types laser cut - Corten, Galvanised, Zintec, Tool Steel

We don't just cut standard mild steel. We do a lot of work for companies that need something a little different. For example we cut a lot of corten (the steel that surface rusts then stops), particularly for sculpture and architecture. We also cut a lot of galvanised steel and zintec - everything from signs to litter bins are cut in this material. Durbar (checker plate) is not a problem and we also cut tool steel - the high carbon content results in a really good cut edge

Max. part size


Min. part size

Very Small - depends on material thickness

Max. thickness


Min. Thickness


Min. Detail

Detail can be less than the material thickness but caution is advised as the thickness increases

Cutting Tolerance

Less Than 3mm - +/-0.15mm
3-6mm - +/-0.2mm
8-12mm - +/-0.25mm
>12mm - +/-0.5mm

Effects of Thermal Cutting

The cut edge can become hard - the higher the carbon content the harder the cut edge

Common Grades 

corten / durbar / galvanised / zintec / tool steel 

Sheet Sizes

Various - please check with us


Sheet Metalwork / General Fabrication / Structural / Architectural / OEM / Tools / Models / Sculpture / Art - the list really does go on!

Why we’re leaders in our industry

Technology, expertise, capacity and culture, combined to create the best.


We use the very latest laser cutting and laser engraving machines

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Top Quality

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Setting new standards in the world of engineering and design is our top priority.

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On Time

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On Budget

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