Cut Tec Goes Green

We're always looking at ways to limit our carbon footprint and make greener choices. If we can find ways to become greener and more efficient, that’ll positively impact the planet, alongside our customer satisfaction when choosing a Laser Cutting contractor, we're eager to explore the options. 

We've got nitrogen generators in house that feed our 6KW Bysmart Lasers, that means we produce our own nitrogen (and lots of it) rather than buy inefficient tanks that get delivered every week causing more carbon in terms of production and haulage. 

To run these nitrogen generators, we need compressors. Hark! I hear you cry ‚Äúthese run on electricity that also uses energy‚ÄĚ. YES, but we've recently¬†invested ¬£20,000¬†on the latest compressors¬†that are the most efficient on the market to minimise the amount of energy required. We're all about maximum efficiency, whilst taking steps to¬†lower carbon emissions.

This is just part of our continual investment to become, and remain one the greenest, competitive, leading Laser Cutting companies in the UK. 

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