The Laser Cutter’s Laser Cutter

We have a group of Laser Cutter’s that come to us time and time again when they have capacity issues.

They get the same high level of service that our “normal” customers with the current market sub contract rates on volume.

This tends to work really well as they are “Laser People” who know exactly what they want.

Over the 5 Lasers we have 3,600 hours of Laser Capacity per month.

With 15 Years’ experience we know the industry. It’s never a constant flow. We understand you can’t just put another machine in for 2 months while you sort your capacity issue out.

Speak to the experts to see how we can help you. We can work week to week with available hours per week or one big job like the one we did here…


This full job was approx. 100 hours and 38 Tonnes of 20mm Mild Steel.

We worked with the Laser Cutter’s purchasing, quality and transport departments whom each have their own important criteria to make it possible.

Through using our ISO 9001:2015 and BSEN 1090 procedures these criteria were successfully met.